January 7, 2020

Course Introduction

Today's Agenda

1. Course Expectations/Assignments

2. Course Policies

3. Registration/Questions

Personal Introduction

Course Expectations

Your grade

Item Number Points Fraction of Grade
Course Survey 1 1 1%
Short Assignments 4 9 36%
Reflection Assignments 2 2 4%
Midterm Exam 1 20 20%
Final Exam 1 30 30%
Tutorial Participation 1 9 9%

Key Dates

  1. Reflection 1: January 13
  2. Assignment 1: February 3
  3. Assignment 2: February 17
  4. Midterm Exam: February 27
  5. Assignment 3: March 9
  6. Assignment 4: April 6
  7. Reflection 2: April 7


\(\bullet\) Online invitation around Midterm

\(\bullet\) 1 point for completion

\(\bullet\) You write; you take it; you analyze

Short Assignments

\(\bullet\) Apply key concepts to your (constrained) choice of current events

\(\bullet\) Available on Canvas on Mondays at 9AM

\(\bullet\) Exactly 1 week to complete/upload to Canvas

\(\bullet\) Will be run through Turnitin

Reflection Assignments

\(\bullet\) Practice evaluating real-world arguments

\(\bullet\) Graded for completion

\(\bullet\) First/last assignments in the course

Midterm Exam

\(\bullet\) February 27 in class

\(\bullet\) Covers materials from weeks 2 to 5

\(\bullet\) Review session AND lists of key terms/questions

Final Exam

\(\bullet\) Date TBD

\(\bullet\) Cumulative over entire course, but emphasizes weeks 6 to 14.

\(\bullet\) Review session and key terms/questions


\(\bullet\) TAs

\(\bullet\) Rubrics

\(\bullet\) Validation

\(\bullet\) No "Curve"

What you need to do:

\(\bullet\) Attend lecture:

  • slides not enough

\(\bullet\) Attend Tutorial

  • week 2
  • Canvas discussions

\(\bullet\) Read

\(\bullet\) Canvas

What I will do:

\(\bullet\) List of concepts

\(\bullet\) Slides

\(\bullet\) Speed

\(\bullet\) Discussion/Questions

\(\bullet\) Examples

Course Policies

Missed Exam/ Late Assignments:

\(\bullet\) Scheduling Conflict

  • Need to know ASAP to get a concession

\(\bullet\) Arts Advising

  • Arts Advising concession form to Arts Advising
  • Both prospective/retroactive: don't stress about this

\(\bullet\) Lateness

  • non-catastrophic deduction (0.5 points per 24 hours)

Grade Appeals:

\(\bullet\) To your TA

\(\bullet\) formal written letter

\(\bullet\) 48 hours waiting period

\(\bullet\) Grades can change \(\Updownarrow\)

Tutorial Attendance:

\(\bullet\) No participation without attendance

  • includes Canvas discussions

\(\bullet\) Make up absences/holidays by attending another Tutorial

  • notify both TAs

\(\bullet\) Excused absences require official concession

  • Each unexcused absence induces \((1/n * 100\%)\) deduction from total tutorial score
  • \(n\) is the number of unexcused tutorial dates


Where we stand:

As of this morning:


No need for waitlist at this point