September 7, 2022

Course Introduction

Today’s Agenda

1. Course Learning Objectives

2. Course Expectations/Assignments

3. Course Policies

Course Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:

Be able to provide answers to these questions:

  • What is ethnicity/race?
  • Where do ethnic/racial groups come from?
  • Why does ethnic conflict occur?
  • Why does ethnic violence occur?

Learning Objectives:

Be able to use three kinds of explanations for these questions:

  • strategic/instrumental
  • psychological
  • structural

Course Expectations

Your grade

Item Number Fraction of Grade
Reading Responses 10 (10*2.5) 25%
Short Papers 3 (3*15) 45%
Final Assignment 1 30%

Reading Responses:

  • Do 10 out of 13 weeks, by Monday evening
  • On Canvas discussion board
  • Ask question about the reading and/or draw an insight/connection from the reading; respond to another student
  • Graded for effort: 100 you tried;, 71 if it shows minimal effort, 0 if nothing.
  • Average best 9 out of 10

Grading: Papers

\(\bullet\) TA: Viktoria

\(\bullet\) Rubrics

\(\bullet\) Validation

Assigned/Due Wednesdays

Grading: Capstone Assignment

  • Independent research on a case
  • “Guided” research paper: specific questions you need to answer

What you need to do:

\(\bullet\) Attend lecture:

  • in-class discussion/activities
  • slides are not enough
  • no recordings (except for 2 Zoom lectures)

\(\bullet\) Read

  • links to Week’s readings on “Modules” tab
  • links to reading response discussion forum

\(\bullet\) Canvas

What I will do

\(\bullet\) Slides

  • AFTER class.

\(\bullet\) Office Hours

  • Wednesdays or by appointment on Zoom

\(\bullet\) Speed

Course Policies

Late Assignments:

\(\bullet\) Scheduling Conflict

  • Need to know ASAP to get a concession

\(\bullet\) Arts Advising

  • may give retroactive concessions

\(\bullet\) Lateness

  • non-catastrophic deduction (0.5 points per day)

Grade Appeals:

letter to TA, 48 hours after, written argument

Grades can change \(\Updownarrow\)

Public Health

  • Masks not required, but not a terrible idea
  • Please don’t come if you feel ill; I will follow same protocol

Sensitive Material

  • A sort of “trigger” warning