September 5, 2018

POLI 361:
Race, Ethnicity, Media, and Violence

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"International Violence and its Control"

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An introduction to the course

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Why study ethnicity, violence and the media?

Now take notes:

As I walk through this story:

  • Write down what questions/thoughts about the role of media come to mind

Anti-Immigration Violence
in Germany

Situation in Chemnitz

AfD Politicians

“When a homicide like this occurs, it’s normal that people flip out. Self-defense is certainly not vigilante justice.”

  • Alexander Gauland, Leader of AfD

"If the state is no longer to protect citizens then people take to the streets and protect themselves. It's as simple as that! … Today it's a citizen's duty to stop the lethal 'knife migration'! … It could have targeted your father, son or brother! When such an act of murder happens, it is normal for people to unleash themselves"

  • AfD MP

Share your thoughts/questions
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Course Themes:

1. Mediated Experience

Course Themes:

1. Mediated Experience

2. Ideas vs. Interests

Course Themes:

1. Mediated Experience

2. Ideas vs. Interests

3. Boundary Challenges

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