October 1, 2018

Ethnic Violence

Goals for Today:

1. What is ethnic violence?

  • Policing shootings in the US "racial"?
  • Your definition
  • Make a definition


1. Patterns of Violence

2. Violence and Morality

When is violence ethnic or racial?

Fryer Study:


  • Incidents involving police where suspect is arrested or subject to lethal use of force from several cities
  • Details on race of suspect, suspect behavior, context, and officer attributes from police reports

Fryer Study:


Comparing police-suspect interactions with similar suspect behavior, context, officer attributes:

Police less likely to use lethal force with black suspects.

Are police shootings in US form of racial violence?

Why or Why not?

In pairs, discuss:

Statistical Discrimination

statistical discrimination:

inequality that exists between demographic groups even though economic agents (consumers, workers, employers, etc.) are rational and non-prejudiced. Discrimination can be "rational" if individual attributes are hard to observe (e.g. propensity toward crime) while group membership is observable and different groups have different behaviors on average.

Fryer Study:

Finds evidence that racial disparity is due to statistical discrimination

Is this relevant to question of "racial violence"?

Defining ethnic violence

Define "ethnic violence"

In groups of 4 (ish)

Refer to concepts making up pattern of violence

Share our definitions


ethnic violence:

violence perpetrated across or within ethnic lines, in which at least one party is not a state (or a representative of a state), and in which putative ethnic differences or similarities are coded—by perpetrators, targets, influential third parties, or analysts—as having been integral rather than incidental to the violence, that is, in which the violence is coded as having been meaningfully oriented in some way to the ethnicity of the target (due to membership in shared or different groups)