September 7, 2018

Course Introduction

Today's Agenda

1. Personal Introduction

2. Course Learning Objectives

3. Course Expectations/Assignments

4. Course Policies

5. Registration/Questions

Personal Introduction

Who is this guy?

Political Scientist (obviously)


  • Political parties and ethnic/sectarian violence (India, Indonesia, Northern Ireland)
  • Causes (and consequences) of changing public perception of lynching in the US
  • War and changing racial boundaries in the US


  • History
  • Rigorous statistical analysis
  • "Big data"

Course Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives: Academic

  • Understand key concepts/ideas of race/ethnic/violence/media
  • Apply these concepts to historical/contemporary cases of violence
  • Understand how perceptions of violence are mediated
  • Learn about important historical cases

Learning Objectives: Skills

  • Improve persuasive writing for large audiences
  • Tools to interrogate media representations of events

Course Expectations

Your grade

Item Number Fraction of Grade
Midterm Exam 1 25%
Short Editorials 3 (3*15) 45%
Final Assignment 1 30%


\(\bullet\) TAs

\(\bullet\) Rubrics

\(\bullet\) Validation

\(\bullet\) No "Curve"

What you need to do:

\(\bullet\) Attend lecture:

  • slides not enough
  • papers due in class

\(\bullet\) Read

\(\bullet\) Canvas

What I will do:

\(\bullet\) List of concepts

\(\bullet\) Slides

\(\bullet\) Speed

Course Policies

Missed Exam/ Late Assignments:

\(\bullet\) Scheduling Conflict

  • Need to know ASAP to get a concession

\(\bullet\) Arts Advising

\(\bullet\) Lateness

  • non-catastrophic deduction

Grade Appeals:

TA, written, 48 hours

Grades can change \(\Updownarrow\)


Where we stand:

As of this morning:

POLI 361 001: 11 openings, 7 claimed, 15 waiting

POLI 361 002: 11 openings, 6 claimed, 8 waiting