November 7, 2018

Media and Violence


1) Narratives

2) Exercise

Narrative Features

Narrative Features


How are …

  • Perpetrators
  • Victims
  • Bystanders

described or portrayed

Narrative Features


How are the

  • events leading up to
  • the violence itself

described or narrated

Narrative Features: Actors


rationalization: portrayal of actor as being rational, sensible, or logical

repudation: portrayal of actor as being irrational, illogical, or erratic

Narrative Features: Actors


Narrative Features: Actors


inclusion: language and symbols that connects actor with wider community and encourages audience identification with the actor (e.g. humanizing actor, having desirable attributes)

expurgation: symbols/language that make actors into scapegoat or otherwise evil, strange, or not part of the community shared by the audience (e.g. dehumanizing language, emphasis on undesirable traits)